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Workshop was great!
Thank all of you for attending - and for the comments. They are greatly appreciated.

2014 Plant Sale!


See list below for what we still have after SALE DAY

The 2014 Plant Sale Schedule

Orders will be taken starting on January 2 nd 2014. 

Order form available here: Order Form.pdf

NEW for 2014  we are selling plants in BUNDLES of 5, with 2 bundles  minimum per order.(2 species ok)  We hope this will allow customers to purchase more varieties and more plants.

Sale day will be Saturday February 22,  2014

Each year our sale offers affordable, native bare-root plants to promote wildlife habitat enhancement, environmentally friendly landscaping, and is a fundraiser for District programs.  *Also Note: locations for sale day pick-up! Main location: Jefferson County Fair Grounds   9:00-1:00  OR Quilcene Community Center 10:00 - 12:00  by marking that box on the order form.

NOTE: FOR ALL SALES -Check or Cash sales. Sorry we won't be able to do debit or credit on sale day at the Fairgrounds.

If you have a need for 100 plus of any one species we offer or another native species: Give us a call soon so we can help you locate stock or special order them for you for sale day pick up.

2014 Plant List

Click on the Common name for a brief description & photos

Click the Latin name for detailed info and photos

Deciduous Trees  (Remaining)
Cascara (0) Rhamnus purshiana
Paper Birch  (0) Betula papyrifera
Quaking Aspen (0) Populus tremuloides
(New!)Rocky Mt. Maple(0) Acer glabrum
Deciduous Shrubs  
Baldhip Rose (0) Rosa gymnocarpa
Indian Plum  (0) Oemleria cerasiformis
Mock Orange (0) Philadelphus lewisii
Nootka Rose (0) Rosa nutkana
Ocean Spray (0) Holodiscus discolor
Pacific Ninebark (0) Physocarpus capitatus
Red Flowering Currant (0) Ribes sanguineum 
Red Osier Dogwood   (0) Cornus stonlonifera
(New!)Red StemCeanothus (0) ceanothus sanguineus
(New!) Silver Buffaloberry (0) Shepherdia argentea
Snowberry (0) Symphoricarpos albus
Vine Maple (0) Acer circinatum
Evergreen  Shrubs
Evergreen Huckleberry(0)  Vaccinium ovatum
Low Oregon Grape (50) Mahonia nervosa
Pacific Rhody (0) Rhododendron macrophyllum
Serviceberry, Saskatoon (0) Amelanchier alnifolia 
(New!) Silk Tassel (0) Garrya elliptica
Sword fern (0) Polystichum munitum
Tall Oregon Grape  (32) Mahonia aquifolium

Douglas-Fir (0) Psuedotsuga menziesii
Giant Sequoia (0) Sequoiadendron giganteum
Grand Fir (0) Abies grandis
Incense Cedar (0) Calocedrus decurrens
Noble Fir (0) Abies procera
Shore Pine (0) Pinus contorta var. contorta
Sitka Spruce (100) Picea sitchensis
Western Hemlock  (100) Tsuga heterophylla
Western Red Cedar (0) Thuja plicata
Western White Pine (99) Pinus monticola


trikky light green
trikky light green